LoadEmUp has been designed to organize the unorganized logistics industry.
We provide a forum for the negotiation of prices between and driver and 
A customer. The driver who offers the best price is offered the load. We also
have an agent portal where agents of a shipping company can login and 
book a load.! 

The Company

Loademup brings together shippers and carriers and lets a carrier do a load after a transparent negotiation on the price. We have over 300 carriers signed up on the app, so if you need to transport a load, download the loademup app and start booking.

Our Story

We started off as a logistics company focussed on getting items from point A to point B as quickly as possible. As we grew in the industry, we realised the level of disorganisation and the inefficiency it created, and we decided to do something about it. Loademup was developed as a platform to provide a marketplace solution for shippers who wanted to reach out to carriers and so on. We added the element of negotiability so that the shipper and carrier could both settle on a price set by the ‘market rates’. We then went on to add a web application which enabled agents of a freight broking company to post loads as well. The latest addition is an operator/fleet owner element which gives the owner of a fleet full control over his fleet.

The Founders

John Doe


A logistics guru who founded the logistics element of Loademup, and his latest venture is the mobile and web application that will automate operations

Jane Doe


Partner and co founded of LoadEmUp

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